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Alpha Blue Ocean

About us

Created in 2017 by Pierre Vannineuse and Hugo Pingray, Alpha Blue Ocean is a young, dynamic family office that aims to revolutionise the financial sector by providing consistent risk-adjusted returns.

Since it’s launch, this family office has set itself the mission of revolutionising the world of finance by offering risk adjusted returns.

ABO is active all around the world, having been at the origin of the turnaround and development of Erytech, Europlasma, Wisekey, Safe Orthopaedics, Intrasense and Douaisienne de Basse Tension (DBT), among others.

Alpha Blue Ocean

Our vision

Our company name refers to the concepts of Alpha and Blue Ocean , derived from the INSEAD Strategy.

As a family office, we are a fund that invests our own capital to offer listed medium-sized businesses, discarded by the traditional banking system, innovative financing solutions to help them pursue their projects. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we proudly work directly with other entrepreneurs.

Our financing is provided in various forms including working capital, horizontal and vertical growth and debt restructuring, all whilst ensuring the transaction is fast and non-invasive.

This approach ensures our interests, and those of current or future stakeholders of a particular portfolio company, are fully and impartially aligned.

Our process

Alpha Blue Ocean

What we do

Contributing to the financing of listed SMIs

We offer listed medium-sized businesses rejected by the traditional banking system, innovative financing solutions to help them pursue their projects and create a better future while enabling businesses that are looking for capital to reach their full potential.

Supporting start-up companies

Start-ups and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of the economy. As banks and traditional institutions have become more cautious, these organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain financing. This is where Alpha Blue Ocean comes in to finance entrepreneurial risk.

To address this funding gap, we provide risk-adjusted cash flows. Our objective is to provide financing that is appropriate and aligned with the cost of capital.

It is about stimulating and developing exponentially the growth of our partners.

Our solutions

Risk-adjusted cash flows help us to provide a solution. We aim to deliver the amount of financing needed at the lowest cost of capital in order to allow our partners to grow exponentially.