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We are a young and dynamic business that has taken on the challenge of bringing a new wave to the financial industry by providing consistent risk-adjusted performances over time.

Our Story


Hugo & Pierre founded a first entity in 2015 as a family office in Dubai to develop an innovative financing model. Two years and over 30 transactions later, they decided to take the next step to implement their vision.
Having demonstrated a capacity for ‘thinking outside the box’ and creating never-before-seen financing solutions to their portfolio companies, they realized that to extend the ability of a firm to be at the forefront of innovation, financial engineering wasn’t enough.


Thus, they associated Amaury Mamou-Mani for his entrepreneurial experience and his expertise in digital transformation.
Together, the new team has gone on to found Alpha Blue Ocean, the name of which refers to both the concept of Alpha and the INSEAD-born concept of Blue Ocean Strategy®.
Our team members are ambitious and reliable young leaders ready to revolutionize the industry while maintaining their inherent commitment: to invest with the utmost ethical standards.

Our Values

STRAIGHTFORWARD - From entrepreneur to entrepreneur. Direct, rational & efficient
TRANSPARENT & ETHICAL - ABO is built with radical transparency in mind and carries investments with the utmost ethical standards
ALIGNED - We share the same mindset. We spot opportunities for growth. Which helps you, us and the economy.
FAST & ACCURATE - Continuous and direct communication allow for the right funding at the right time
Integrity means we are consistently open, honest, ethical and genuine.
Passion is why we are continually moving forward, innovating and improving.
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