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We are an alternative investment firm committed to providing flexible financing solutions for publicly listed entities through the form of PIPEs.

How We Do It

We allocate funding to a wide variety of purposes, ranging from working capital, horizontal & vertical growth to debt restructuring, whilst ensuring the implementation of a swift and non-invasive transaction.
Our main model is to provide upfront capital injection featuring delayed and staged dilution over time, coupled with the de-risking of a company’s financing.
This allows a full and unbiased alignment of interests with all stakeholders, both current and future in any given portfolio company.

Our team identifies growth drivers and competitive advantages through an in-depth and thorough, non-interfering, expert-led due diligence process.
As entrepreneurs, we understand the importance of continuous improvement and development to remain attractive and at the forefront of a very competitive market.
This is why we build our relationships based on trust and expertise to add value to the business through excellence.

Why We Do It

Our Mission is to finance the real economy and create a better tomorrow. With the aim to finance outstanding but not yet fully recognized business models that need uplifting capital to achieve their true potential.

We believe that early stage and mid-sized businesses are the backbone of the future economy and the world’s next outperforming leaders.

However, banks and traditional institutions have become more conservative, making it increasingly challenging for small businesses to raise funds.

This is why we deliver attractive risk-adjusted cash flows and aim to provide financing at the lowest cost of capital.

For us, it has always been about enabling growth and being the cornerstone and pillar for our partners.

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