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We are an alternative investment firm committed to providing flexible financing solutions for publicly listed entities through the form of PIPEs.

What we do

Ever-increasing regulatory and compliance requirements have rendered the relations between companies and their stakeholders asepticized and complex. Notoriously, capital markets operations are becoming increasingly convoluted and cumbersome. Thus, the ABO founders decided to take on the challenge of bringing a new wave of uninhibited answers to finance companies & projects through innovative and tailor-made solutions.
ABO’s relationships are based on expertise and synergies, leveraging win-win situations and helping business partners reach their objectives and gain the recognition they deserve. Through meticulous due diligences and good practices, a special emphasis is placed on delivering sustainable solutions to both portfolio structures and investors.

The team’s deep understanding of capital markets and ability to span across a wide range of asset class provides maximum flexibility, industry leading and consistent risk-adjusted performances over time: in other words; a Blue Ocean Deal.
Alpha Blue Ocean sees itself as a true partner to its portfolio companies and the management teams it invests in.

Our Vision

ABO was created with the untamed will to build a better world. We believe that early stage and mid-sized businesses are the backbone of the future economy and the world’s next outperforming leaders. However, banks and traditional institutions have become more conservative, making it increasingly challenging for small businesses to raise funds.

ABO sees itself as a non-invasive and passive investor, acting in the best interest of its portfolio companies and their stakeholders. As a matter of fact, mid-sized & early-stage businesses or turnaround situations see most of their value concentrated in the hands of a few highly qualified individuals. Hence, we place a key emphasis on human capital in our analysis and dedicate particular attention in people due diligence and screenings.
We believe in developing relationships based on trust and expertise. Tailoring a fit-for-purpose offer and operating within a circle of trust with our business partners, thus, preferring qualitative over quantitative approach.

Our disciplined and research-intensive investment approach aims at the identification of sectors and businesses with sustainable long-term competitive advantage and motivated managerial teams.
We devote our capital to unrealized value to deliver attractive risk-adjusted cash flows and aim to provide financing at the lowest cost of capital for our partners. Likewise, the aforementioned due diligences ensures that we acquire the best grasp of the risks involved in the operations we undertake and furthermore, to mitigate those.
Finally, ABO has never been about making meaningless profits but enabling the growth of its partners in being the cornerstone and pillar of a new wave in finance.

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